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Health - Outreach - prevention - empowerment

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With respect and dignity, we empower and educate those in need to access healthcare.


Bombas Socks

Mt. Sinai Foundation

Sisters of Charity

United Black Fund

Whole Foods

Thank you to our

Funders, Donors,

and Volunteers  . . .

                    We could not serve 
                                       the community
                                                          without you!

Individual Donors

List in progress

In addition to these funders and donors, Project H.O.P.E. relies on the generosity of volunteers who support our work:

Louise Barmann

Delores Collins
A Vision of Change

Warren Lane

Samia Marchmon
A Vision of Change

Mathews, DNP

Mary McGrath, LPN

Maribeth Murawski

Mary Jane Ponyik

Jane Ponyik Stalder, RN BSN

Project H.O.P.E. of Cleveland, Inc.
10932 St. Clair Avenue 
Cleveland, OH 44108


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